The Holiday Accessory I’m Experimenting with this Summer

I’m not normally a hat person by any means but it’s an accessory I finally found some confidence to explore adding to outfits. Playing with textures like raffia to complement my favourite summer Loewe bag was key to finding my perfect summer hat and its a style, colour and fabric Im planning on keeping for ages and wearing on repeat!


If there is one thing i’m loving exploring atm it’s accessories for otherwise super simple outfits! I feel like they make my outfits a little more fashionable whilst still keeping the actual clothes I’m wearing simple. It’s a great way for me to buy good quality high-street brand pieces that are understated enough to remain timeless but versatile enough to accesorize in loads of different ways.

As well as beautiful bags – which I am a sucker for, particularly raffia totes – I am only now just figuring out how to style and wear hats. It’s definitely outside of my style comfort zone and I have tried on many a hat that were rather terrible on me but I did fall in love with this oversized summer style from Arket


“It’s the little details that make an accesory right for me, like the ribbon tie on my summer hat, so I played with versions of the same style of hat to find the perfect one for me”

Partnering accesories with the rest of your outfit and jewellery, bags and shoes is key. For me, I don’t want to overdo it so I always check the accessories I pick not just against the clothes I’m wearing but all the other parts of my outfit too. Sticking to similar fabrics and shades helps me tie it all together within one look.